Simple staycation part three: family fun and peaceful pottering

The final few days of our simple staycation have been a mixture of fun family trips out, and more gentle pottering at home. We’ve been musing on the fact that this was what most people used to do during their time off work, especially during school holidays – now we have the word ‘staycation’ to help explain that we’re not having the sort of holiday that you have to pack a suitcase for.

We went to the seaside for a family day out: Brian’s son got to hang out with his big brother all day (he also drove us, what a luxury), we played stone throwing games on the beach aiming at various targets, had ice creams twice, and fish and chips. We also brought home a stone with a sort of marine creature emblem, and a stone that looks a tiny bit like a hedgehog.


During the quieter parts of the last few days, we’ve carried on pottering at our leisure. This included productive tasks like cleaning the car, pruning, and baking muffins. Also, we had a lot of fun: playing card games, watching Shed of the Year, and having a game of boule in the garden, which ended suddenly when there was a downpour (which Brian’s son encouraged by doing a rain dance a few seconds before!)

Today we went to a local Open Garden a few miles down the road with Lucy’s parents. The garden was inspiring as it was so full of colour and fragrance, and we enjoyed some impressive cakes. Swooping all around us were more swallows and housemartins than we have ever seen in one place before.

We finished our holiday with a long evening marsh walk, where we saw a young cuckoo and heard some sort of mammal chewing on something very nearby on the riverbank. We hoped it was a water vole, but couldn’t see it at all. Next Spring we’ll do a dawn chorus walk there to enjoy the magic of morning birdsong and wildlife rustlings. Brian received compliments about his home-made holly walking stick from a friendly passer-by (twice – we passed him at both ends of the walk!) As always, we also enjoyed the kissing gates!


Thanks for all the lovely comments this week. One of the nicest things about the holiday has been time to read other blogs and be inspired by the many other people trying to simplify their lives in big and tiny ways. It all matters and it all adds up.


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