Simple staycation part two: letting days unfurl


The last three days have all started the same way: with us thinking we would do something / go somewhere. And each day, that’s not what has happened – we’ve just been letting each day unfurl without a plan.

On Monday and Tuesday we didn’t use the car at all. Today we have been out twice, to do our food shopping in the morning and then for a marsh walk this evening.

Most of the time we have pottered around in the garden and house. Quite a lot got done, but only because we felt like it – there was no plan. Between us we gave the floors a big scrub clean, stripped loads of tree prunings (leaves go on the compost heap and branches will be used for fire kindling), potted up several shrubs, did weeding, made hummus without garlic, did laundry, cleaned the windows, and cleaned Lucy’s bike ready for going back to work.

But most of all we were on holiday, just enjoying ourselves. There’s been lots of reading, baking, napping, eating, chatting, looking at insects, taking photos and just appreciating home. Despite doing “chores” we’ve felt just as if we were staying in a holiday cottage. Little things like taking the time to open the windows in the morning and lean out to admire the garden view are what make it feel special and different to work days.

We really enjoyed our evening walk tonight – the weather was much cooler, we saw loads of wildlife (fish, damselflies, a young magpie), and we were celebrating too – we paid off our loan today! Lucy called the bank to do it, and was watched by a sunbathing blackbird through the window.


And then we got a massive (for us) Chinese takeaway on the way home. After not having any takeaways for several months it felt like a very special treat!

Thank you for the lovely comments we have been getting – we still can’t believe it that people are reading what we write and taking the time to contact us!

4 thoughts on “Simple staycation part two: letting days unfurl

  1. Hi Lucy, I enjoyed reading your latest blog – taking your time to just be, doing what feels right and natural and appreciating your environment in a relaxed, unhurried, none demanding frame of mind. I might have left the bike cleaning until Sunday night though! To much of a reminder of getting to work. I am currently working on re-framing my mind after the trials and tribulations of the past 19 months – helped along of course by my lovely new crystals. – Be happy, keep blogging – Patricia

    • Hello! Lovely to hear from you and to know how you’re doing, I hope the last few weeks have been inspiring. I’ve got your email address now (it came through with your message but isn’t publicly shown online). We’ve had a lovely week, glad you have enjoyed reading about it!

  2. Holidays at home can be a really nice thing, I haven’t done that nearly enough! We have quite a bunch of lakes around this area and when I bike around, I realise how little I know… Maybe I should do the same thing next year! (This year I’ve spent pretty much all of my free days already…)

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