Simple Staycation part one: mindfulness

A few days into our staycation, and we’ve been enjoying ourselves. We’re not sticking to any budget this week.

Saturday: After buying food supplies, we were too hot and tired for anything other than relaxing and reading. While Brian’s son chilled out indoors (coming out to swing on the monkey bar above the gate occasionally), we both sat in the garden, chatted and read bits of ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness’ from the library. There’s a lot we can chat about together on that subject, as its something we would both like to be better at. We were both contemplating the idea of “maintaining a half-smile” as a way of staying present and engaged with whatever we’re doing. It’s so easy to catch yourself out grimacing all the time, or with a totally gormless expression as your mind is off elsewhere..

Lucy fell asleep on the grass under the apple tree. Although we both still did some house & garden work, it was a mostly relaxing day!

The best bit was when, all of a sudden, all the winged ants emerged from inside the lavender pot and took to the skies at about 4.30pm. We watched and admired them! Ants do this every year and it’s an amazing spectacle.


A big breakfast for the 3 of us in a café, and then a drive to the seaside and dunes. We wrote in the sand, chased each other, tried to catch tiny fish and posed for photographs in the warm sea.

Brian made this orb sculpture in the sand:


Lucy did the driving on the way home. Treating it as a mindfulness practice seems to help lessen the stress of driving. Basically: you can only think about the section of the drive that you are doing right now. Of course you have to safely plan ahead as you drive, but that does NOT include worrying about the very narrow section of road that’s coming up later on, or about parking the car when you get home. All you can do is the part that’s happening now. This way of thinking feels so different and it just goes to prove that stress, fear and worry are really a lack of mindfulness, a case of your mind trying to deal with things that haven’t happened yet, or may never happen. All you ever have to do is what you’re doing right now. That’s a relief!

We would still like to not own a car one day, but that will be a positive decision, not one based on fear of driving.

The holiday wine and chocolate orange got opened later as a celebration. Here’s a picture of Lucy’s evening: reading something wholesome while consuming treats!


It feels good to know that however much we spend during our staycation, we’ll likely have nothing to show for it except photos and memories (and perhaps some body mass)! We’re not planning on doing any shopping for ‘stuff’, just lovely food and trips out that feel special.

6 thoughts on “Simple Staycation part one: mindfulness

  1. Living in the moment is very difficult to get into, I think. I very often find myself rehearsing what I want to say when I meet somebody, sometimes in three, four different possible scenarios. Or I think about what just happend and how I could have reacted differently or could have said something smarter or funnier etc. But being in the here and now really is quite a state of bliss when you do achieve it, it’s definitely a goal for the future, I’m working on that as well 🙂 And as for getting rid of the car: I did that last October and it’s the most liberating feeling you can imagine!!!

    • Thank you so much! That is exactly how we feel about mindfulness. We looked at your blog, Lucy has some German still remembered from school so we will be able to read a little of it! It sounds like a great idea. Plastic doesn’t have to be everywhere. Congratulations on becoming car-free, that is very very inspiring!

      • I’m very happy you’re following my blog even though it’s in German. Initially, I considered writing in English but then I noticed that there aren’t enough blogs about these kind of things in my own native language – but if there is anything you want me to translate or explain, just give me a shout 🙂 I love your blog, it’s very inspiring!

  2. Hi Lucy & Brian, I really admire you for your efforts in being mindful. I sometimes try to do this as I am sure that it calms the mind of all the internal ‘chatter’ going on. I think also you notice the small and beautiful things more when you are focussed in the moment. Reading your blog has reminded me that I should make more effort as I think you have to try quite hard and practice at first and then it should get easier. I am loving your blog it is very inspirational – thank you and hope you enjoy the rest of your staycation!

    • Hi Helen! Lovely to hear from you! Thank you for reading the blog and for your lovely comment. I was trying to do some mindfulness at work over the last few months, and it is working (when I remember) but its much easier to do it at home. Yes I think it is ‘a practice’ which is quite comforting actually, as you know that whatever you are doing, you can turn that into part of the practice. I find that all my worst chatter and worry goes on while I am getting ready in the morning or getting ready for bed at night, I don’t know why but the bathroom just seems to trigger it! So I’m trying really hard to be mindful while washing my hair and brushing my teeth etc as there’s no reason why that should be a time for worry. I hope you are enjoying your time at home and out in your local wildlife! See you soon x Lucy

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