More of What Matters Spending review, month 4

Now we’ve saved enough to pay off our loan, we’re continuing with our minimal-ish spending, but with a slightly different focus. Instead of trying to spend the absolute minimum, now we’re using the principle of more of what matters to judge what we will and won’t spend.

Therefore this month we’ve spent more on food: We had two wonderful and relaxing breakfasts out at a local café, Brian and his daughter went for a long lunch on his day off, and Lucy took her mum to the seaside for a birthday treat on the bus with ice creams and fish & chips.


We also did some meaningful spending: Lucy made her charity shop purchases, and she also bought a new fair-trade/recycled leather notebook. These are used to write down inspiring things from books and other blogs! We bought two organic towels for the bathroom which will also help us cut down on laundry loads.

We’ve been to the cinema once, to see Boyhood. We loved it, both as an amazing piece of work and a reminder of why it’s so important to appreciate the present moment. No spend to report for this evening out as we had a voucher which was given to us for Christmas 2012!

Now we’re about to start the first of our two summer staycations. Lucy has bought her first bottle of wine of the year and there’s a chocolate orange chilling in the fridge! We’ve got hardly any plans and are looking forward to seeing what the week brings.

Here’s the full list of what we spent money on in the last month, aside from food/drink:

Travel: 2 fills of petrol, Several bus rides including to the seaside
Domestic / Home: Greaseproof paper, Latex gloves for bike cleaning, Batteries, 2 organic towels
Health: Nose strips & nose spray, Asthma medication, Bathroom supplies
Toiletries: Travel bottles for carrying sunblock around, Eco Moisturiser, Eco Deodorant, Natural Soap
Clothing: Charity shop dress / skirt / earrings / bangles
Gifts: Various
Luxuries: Notebook, CDs borrowed from library, and a copy of our friend’s book

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