Buying nothing new…a home-made skirt and a second-hand skirt

By Lucy

Following the purchase of the charity shop dress, I have been in a LOT more charity shops, in town and on a trip to the seaside. I’m very happy when I find nothing I like, and I’m happy when I do – and yesterday I found this skirt:

Bargain No.2

Bargain No.2

Cheap and cheerful at £4.79. I won’t be buying this much all the time, but I have enjoyed my mini-spree which has introduced me to charity shops, and which also included some colourful wooden bangles at 60p and a pair of novelty kiwi fruit earrings for a pound!

I have also now finished my attempt at making a skirt myself. In comparison to the charity shop skirt, it was a lot more expensive, but I learned loads and I supported a really good independent business when I bought the fabric, which came from Coco Wawa on Folksy. And here it is:

I made something!

I made something!

Truthfully, the state of the underside would give any proper sewer who saw it nightmares, but I should be able to tidy it up enough to stop it fraying. Considering I have never made anything wearable I am pretty impressed with myself.

Originally it looked like it was going to be too small, which is why I bought the extra minty green fabric on the sides. But once those panels were sewn in and I tried it on, it had become too big and I had to take it in! This created a weird bulge where the panels begin, but I think I have made it look like it’s supposed to be that way by adding some pink ribbon I found in a drawer. The ribbon gives it a brightness that I like and it works really well now with pink tops!

While making my skirt and scouring the charity shops, I have also been reading No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, which has reinforced our determination to try and avoid buying new products which create more waste and demand for resources. When we do buy something new, it should do as little harm as possible – such as the organic cotton which my skirt is made from. The book itself was yet another fantastic library find, so we also didn’t buy anything new in order to read the book!

6 thoughts on “Buying nothing new…a home-made skirt and a second-hand skirt

  1. Great charity buy, and I’m immensely impressed with the one you made… Give me a hammer and nail anytime, but sowing I just don’t understand… that’s where I have at least 10 thumbs 😉

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