Minimal spending adventure: Month 3 results!

Yesterday was the final day of Month 3 of our minimal spending adventure. We celebrated a bit, as we’ve now saved enough to pay off the loan within a month. We’ll carry on being spending minimalists though, as the main reason for our challenge was to have a different lifestyle: less shopping, less waste, more resourcefulness and more time. And it is working!

So how did we get on this month? Our average daily food and drink spend was £10.15 – a bit above our £10 target but we did stock up on quite a few things right at the end of the month.

Our non-food/drink purchases were:
2 dentists appointments
3 soaps
2 bus journeys
1 downloaded song (but it was 14 minutes long = good value!)
Eco washing up liquid and scourers
Bulk buy eco laundry liquid
Open Gardens tickets
Nose strips and allergy spray
2 fills of petrol
Toothpaste x 2
Extra fabric for skirt
Skirt for cycling, charity shop £2.99
Back-up tube of sunblock to keep at work, half price
Father’s day gift
Natural hair conditioner
Stocked up on knickers – special offer!

We also received a nice surprise in the post – our first win on the Premium Bonds for months, £25 which we decided to spend on celebrating the end of Month 3. There were drinks & cakes in a café, ice creams, and a Chinese takeaway for the 3 of us for dinner. Brian rated the takeaway 8/10, but Lucy was disappointed and had some “buyer’s remorse” that such a large amount of money had gone so quickly. But, we used to buy meals like that really often – so we’ve come a long way!

The month also ended with some satisfying tasks done and a peaceful weekend. Lucy cleaned her bike, Brian made a new knobbly walking stick and today we went to the woods and enjoyed:
– Lucy’s driving – it was a day of confidence and calm instead of the usual driving nerves
– Lots of butterflies and an obliging dragonfly we were able to photograph
– Cheese & salad sandwiches and apples in the car, listening to the radio and reading
– Field ‘weeds’ that are actually beautiful wild flowers with amazing colours and fragrances
– We had a walk to the tiny railway station and enjoyed just sitting there in the shelter with no intention of going anywhere, resting our tired feet, enjoying ourselves just as much as if we were actually about to go on a journey. And it was free!
– The welcome feeling of heading home at the end of the day, tired but happy, a similar feeling to the end of a holiday

The joy of rubbing one's aching feet!

The joy of rubbing one’s aching feet!



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