Holiday feelings

We’ve been thinking a lot this week about holiday feelings. What is it that makes a holiday feel like a holiday?

We’ve stopped going on holiday, whether far afield or locally. It’s not a sacrifice, because we have found that we prefer being at home doing whatever we like, matching our plans to the weather or how energetic we feel, seeing family and friends, using our own kitchen and then sleeping in our own beds! We love our staycations and really look forward to them.

Whether you go away on holiday or stay at home, what is it about being on holiday that makes it feel special?

There are some things we did on our away-holidays that we thought we might miss  being at home. We’ve found that we can have those experiences and feelings on a staycation, even more exciting to discover is that they are available all the time – even on days when you’ve been to work, or in the winter…

Some of our favourite things about holidays were quite surprising.

Things like:
– Evening walks, just to enjoy the local area, notice the landscape and buildings, and spend time together
– On warm days, using your outdoor space to eat, sit, think, read, chat
– Choosing each day from a very small selection of favourite clothes and accessories and making them last
– Only buying as much food as we need for the next few days, and making special treats count
– Really getting into one good book at a time
– Taking meaningful photos, and listening to music that we will always connect with that time
– Watching a film or interesting programme in the evening, and it not feeling like mindless telly-time-wasting
– Noticing things about the rooms we’re living in and the garden, as if we didn’t know them so well
– Not being surrounded by too many possessions or clutter
– Playing family games and having long, rambling conversations
– Making time for ourselves and remembering who we really are..and what matters

Our stresses and worries never disappeared on our away-holidays, although holidays can put worries into the background to some extent. The reason those holidays felt special was because we looked for experiences and moments that mattered, and gave ourselves time to relax. We valued our time and were more mindful. But we can also try to do this at home, on work and non-work days. It seems that if we go about things with a ‘holiday mind’, we can make at least a small part of every day feel like a holiday!

An evening walk

An evening walk

Things we did this week in the spirit of holidays:
– We had a spontaneous evening walk, and appreciated our surroundings as much as if we were tourists
– There was a weekend of Open Gardens in the local area and these had a holiday atmosphere as everyone was out to enjoy their time walking round. We noticed interesting buildings, plants, wildlife and people as well as gardens
– We allowed ourselves a few special treats – without going over budget!

2 thoughts on “Holiday feelings

  1. Beautiful post! I love the whole concept of having a holiday mind and doing those things that we normally associate with a vacation, and everyday thing. Wonderfully uplifting – thank you!

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