Our Minimal Spending Adventure – Month 2 progress report

(We’ve rebranded our economy drive to an ‘adventure’ rather than a ‘challenge’! Why not think positively?)
Here we are at the end of Month 2, and we’ve saved a little bit less than last month. It was a slightly more expensive month on food & drink, so we are averaging £10.23 on food and drink per day (the target is £10).  It was also one of the quarters where we pay our phone & internet bill. But, our miscellaneous spending was less. Other than food and bills, all we bought this month was: 
·         Some birthday presents
·         Nose strips and discounted hayfever medication and sunblock
·         Some bathroom supplies
·         Printed covers for the seasonal mix CD we make for the car & as gifts
·         One bus ride
·         Two fills of petrol
·         A natural spray deodorant (which we both use, and it also works as a perfume)
·         A bag of compost
·         A blowtorch gas canister
·         A zip for the skirt Lucy is attempting to make and will write about soon!
·         A glue stick
Month 2 has felt a little bit harder, especially when trying to resist comfort food. The amazing sustaining flapjacks help a lot with this and we will share the recipe soon, but we did succumb to a special offer on milk chocolate Hobnobs last weekend! Whoops. But they were amazing – especially as we don’t have things like this very often now. Each and every crumb was savoured and appreciated. We also treated Brian’s son to ‘better than half price’ Jaffa Cakes.
Lucy did not spend any money on sweet snacks at work but there were quite a lot of free cakes at work which may have had something to do with this. She also had four lunches of chips – two on the market and two with colleagues at the local pub, although she was undercharged the first time, and had a free glass of tap water both times! Brian drank coffee at home and did not visit any cafes (but still feels guilty about the amount of coffee).
We have still not bought any alcohol and don’t plan to unless it is a gift for someone else, we have also not had any proper meals out and are still not missing them.
Our garden is being set up for some productivity: salad, chives, tomatoes, runner beans and rhubarb are all growing, and we already had cooking apples, blackcurrants, gooseberries and white currants.
We have been more thrifty in the bathroom, but will spare you the details of toilet paper economising – suffice to say it involves some very clever folding techniques.  
Thank you for reading! It means a lot to us that people we know and people we have never met are interested in what we are doing, and even taking on some of the ideas. We are not expecting to change the world, but it does feel like we are part of a growing community of people who want to change their worlds.

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