More of what matters: this week (11 May 2014)

Hello to our new followers this week and anyone’s who’s been reading and talking to us about the blog! We are so excited to have people reading what we write…

The aim of our minimal spending adventure, and the other things we are trying to change, is to have more time for the good things in life – more of what matters!  Like everyone, we often waste time feeling stressed, worrying pointlessly or faffing about, not really knowing what to do with ourselves. Time can pass by without us knowing what we were doing, because we weren’t being mindful or appreciating what is around us. What’s different now is that we are trying to live more intentionally, and notice what we want less of, and what we want more of.

Here’s how we got on this week!

05 09 Tree peony sniffing DSCF9962

  • We are getting the car to run at 12p per mile by driving more economically
  • We put a little ceramic pot in the bathroom so we can enjoy our flowers. So far we’ve remembered to put fresh flowers in, and really enjoyed seeing them
  • Made time for nightly slug and snail checks on the young plants – only one or two found
  • Our annual electricity statement showed we used a lot less in the last 12 months than in the previous year!
  • As we now have all the flowers we like in the garden, we never have to buy seeds again as we can just collect them
  • There was too much sitting down and bad posture by Lucy at work! No matter how busy, we need to look after ourselves
  • Made two batches of flapjacks – recipe coming soon!
  • We made time to go outside and smell the tree peony while it is in flower. Some past years went by without Lucy remembering to smell it once
  • Lucy heard a talk about climate change and it seems clearer than ever that people need to simplify their lives if anything is to change for the better. For everyone on the planet who doesn’t have enough, there’s someone who is wasting resources
  • After reading Zero Waste Home, we went to the market and got almonds and sunflower seeds put into containers we brought with us!
  • Brian craved a coffee at Pret while we were in the city, but resisted. He bought a bag of coffee instead and enjoyed some at home with a home-made flapjack
  • We got a good way through organising our wood shed, and cut poles for runner beansDSCF0001blog
  • We ate our first sausages for several months: bought half as many as usual, and ate only half of those so far. We appreciated the organic pigs who produced them.
  • Lucy made a start on making her first skirt using tutorials from Craftovision and fantastic fabric from Coco Wawa Crafts on Folksy. No sewing yet, just made the pattern, and quite worried that it won’t be big enough, so it might become a bag, scarf or something else!
  • Wonderful comments about our blog from people we know. Thank you!!


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