Mirror Freaks

A few weeks ago, before our super-scrimping adventure really started, we were in a store looking at mirrors for our bathroom, to replace the piece of mirror we have had for the last 10 years. This mirror has chipped sides, and no stand or frame. We also wanted to be able to have a magnified glass for important stuff like plucking out facial hairs!

We were pretty pleased with ourselves for overlooking the expensive bathroom mirrors and coming out with the £10 basics option, which we popped onto the bathroom shelf. Our old mirror went out into the woodshed to be used for whatever.

Then, without knowing the other was doing it, we both spent the rest of the day doing a double take every time we passed by the bathroom because of the new mirror. Brian was thinking it looked too tall on its long stem. I was thinking it looked too new. Both of us were feeling a strange home-sickness for our old mirror.

After dinner, I passed by the bathroom again and finally couldn’t stand it. I told Brian I missed the old mirror and that it didn’t feel like our bathroom anymore. He was thinking exactly the same thing. We both had a moment of annoyance about the time and £10 we had spent unnecessarily, and then I went out to the woodshed with a torch and brought the old mirror back in and restored it to its bathroom shelf. We were back to normal again!

We did keep the new mirror as it is useful for the hair plucking, but it now sits on the side of the shelf, with a few glass bottles on its base, as it creates a nice effect to have them reflecting in the chrome.

And the moral of the story for us is that we actually like everything we own. We’ve had most of it so long it feels like part of us. We have no problem parting entirely with things we no longer need, but as for replacing things that work fine just to have a more presentable version – that’s not for us.

03 17 We are idiots

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