More: Library books

by Lucy

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed us or read and liked our blog since we started. It’s really exciting for us!

This week I wanted to start celebrating some of the things we are finding time for more of, starting with libraries. We own very few books. A few years ago we started giving away all those which aren’t read often enough to be worth keeping, and now we have around 3 shelves. I love books, but for me the best way to enjoy them has always been from the library.

I got an amazing haul on my visit on Wednesday lunchtime:

My attempt at a library-book-carrying selfie

My attempt at a library-book-carrying selfie

It still amazes me that I can walk into a building empty handed (except for my library card of course) and walk out again carrying a big pile of great books! Amazing.

Here’s what I got:
Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson (I’ve been following her blog for a while)
Iyengar Yoga by Judy Smith
A Little Course in Growing Fruit and Veg (Dorling Kindersley series)
Organic Crops in Pots by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell
Gratitude, A Way of Life by Louise L Hay & Friends

Getting books at lunchtime is especially good as I can’t look at them straight away because I am at work. By the time I get home and unpack them from my cycle pannier, I’m as excited as I ever was at Christmas! I have to leaf through each one and then decide which book to start reading properly.

I’ve started with Zero Waste Home. I was hoping it would give me extra motivation to simplify our lives, and help me focus even more closely on what does and does not matter to us. I’m really enjoying it, the sense of space and freedom within the family’s lives thanks to cutting out unnecessary and disposable products is very inspiring. I’m very grateful that I don’t wear any make up, as replacing shop-bought with home-made seems like hard work, but the ideas are so clever! There’s lots I can take away from this to implement at home.

I’ll be getting stuck into the other books soon and will pass on anything inspiring!

Other highlights of this week were: a simple but 10 out of 10 meal of eggs & beans on toast, lots of orange-tip butterflies, the frothy smell of hawthorn flowers, and more evidence that slowing down and looking around at the world makes life more enjoyable: I was able to stand in the doorway and watch this female blackbird have a drink from a dip in the concrete after the first rain for several days:


Thanks for reading!


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