Where to start! (in the garden)

by Lucy

The last couple of days have been spent in and around home, recharging our batteries and both getting LOADS of stuff done.

Having been nervous about gardening for years, I am feeling really motivated this year to get stuck in and be productive by growing some food, and enjoy it as a fun thing to do. I have spent enough time indoors reading books about growing food and gardening, so now have to start somewhere being practical!

So, yesterday I cleared out all the weeds from the raised bed/tubs, and forked over most of the little plot which we want to use for runner beans. I soon had blackbird and robin customers for the massive worms which I was bringing out. I went in when it started raining and watched them enjoy themselves. It was only after I’d gone that the dunnock felt happy to come out.


Today I finished the forking, and then got some advice from Brian on how to turn out the compost heap. It took a long time, but was very exciting as all the nice dark nutritious soil was revealed at the bottom. There were quite a few frogs in there that I was worried about stepping on, so I put them by the ditch. I put the compost in the planting tubs and in a big pile on the bean plot. It was so satisfying afterwards to sit on the edge of the raised bed tank, eat a homemade (weird) flapjack and have a glass of water, and feel my gardening confidence levels increase a little bit with my achievements!04 18 Compost!

No idea what to do next, but I can think about it while I enjoy looking at the compost out of the window!



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