More of What Matters – less stress, more life!


Welcome to our first entry on our blog. We hope you will enjoy following our journey of a simpler life, as we try to edit out the unnecessary and enjoy more of what matters.

We’ll be saving money by being frugal, treading lightly by reducing our footprint, improving our health and finding more time in our lives to reflect and enjoy what we have. And each one of these actions helps along the others.

When we thought about what matters to us, we started a list of what we want less of, and what we’ll find more of:

Sitting around indoors (unless we really enjoy it)
Thinking stupid things matter
Being manipulated by marketing and shops
Rushing around
Stress about buying perfect gifts
Ready meals, takeaways, unhealthy ‘treats’
Doing what’s expected instead of what feels right
Television on
Stuff we don’t need
Alarm clocks
Stress, pressure, worrying
Guilt about wasting the world’s resources
Back problems, aches and pains and illnesses; buying medication
Tension in body
Absent mindedness & forgetting things
Clothes shopping and laundry
Food waste


Creative thinking & inventiveness
Family time
Taking an interest in where we live (like the nice wall, above!)
Properly hearing music
Healthy habits
Library books
Time to enjoy blogs
Early mornings
Re-using & repurposing
Borrowing & sharing & lending = community
Growing food
Appreciation of little treats and freebies
Making and savouring food
Enjoying the present moment with awareness
Use out of things
Sewing, knitting, repairing things
Relaxing Christmases and birthdays not all about shopping
Working things out ourselves
Nature inspiration
Picnics and outdoor relaxing


We’ll be adding to these lists as we go along – you can find them in the Less and More page.

This is an exciting time for us and we hope you enjoy following us!

Brian and Lucy

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